CEO Warrior Retreat

CEO Warrior Retreat

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In today's economies and challenging social environments, with the advancements in AI, automation, multicultural and new work force behavior, standard  leadership practices are no longer effective.  CEOs and business leaders need to recognize & effectively be prepared to address opportunities as well as threats….and fast.

Should it be financial or safety related, adapt to wiki-economics, transformational strategies, AI, social media, quickly respond to market trends as well as be prepared for threats to the safety of their employees and stability of their business at this 4 day CEO Warrior Retreat.

You will be immersed and challenged with one of a kind interactive and comprehensive programs that combine business modeling, organizational behavior and tactical safety & survival training. 

You will walk out with your own custom tailored financial business model that can be applied now.  You’ll get the road map to achieve sustainable, profitable and meaningful growth all while addressing and ensuring the safety of your ventures.  This training will be conducted in a tactical manner and will be instructed by special operations personnel and business leaders.   This is definitely not a course for all to attend. 

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