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Current Open Courses


Step into the world of Method and see what courses our team currently offer. Open enrollment, closed courses and specialty for professional end-users. Problem solved.

Method Pistol Lab

Designed to teach the fundamentals of pistol mechanics and manipulation in defense of your life. Structured to guide the beginner/intermediate/advanced shooter how to move, shoot while moving, fight off the "X" and replicate stress to evaluate their technical gun fighting skills. We build each individuals ability and competencyas they progress through each course

Method Rifle Lab

Designed to give students a template for increasing mental, acuity, focus, dexterity, balance and spacial awareness while performing skill-based rifle manipulations. Basic, intermeidate and advanced applications are covered in each level.


This course explores the most common forms of on-body carry. Covering positions, limitations, movement and drills to solidify the manipulation and mindset required when carrying every day. We explore the decision point and personal procedures leading up to the use of deadly force- Training risk and mitigation factors before the decision is made.

"Distance Learning" Precision Rifle Course

Method Endeavors long range precision rifle curriculum. This course is taught by career Navy SEAL Snipers and long range experts. Basic, Intermediate and advanced levels of progression.

Method CQB Lab

Method CQB course. Tailored for shooters to better understand entry, flow and movement as it applies to room clearing and assaulting a structure. Basic, Intermediate and advanced levels of instruction.

Method Combat Lab

Method Combat Lab is the essential course for intermediate shooters who want to test their skills and elevate them in real-world, stressful environments. This course will test the shooter mentally and physically, driving home the idea that; anyone can be good on the flat range, in fair weather, relaxed heart rate and perfect conditions. We train for worst case scenario and therefore need to be tested in that environment.  ⚠️Physical conditioning is very important for this course. ⚠️

Method Defender - Close Protection Course

A physically & mentally demanding advanced qualification course that graduates top tier, high threat protection professionals. We cover the real world operations that protective personnel deal with daily in the defense of life. We train and operate in all environments and stack our curriculum accordingly. Graduates of the qualification course are prepared for close protection work around the globe.

Method Performace Driving & VI Lab

Focuses on advanced operation of mind, body, and machine for mobility professionals and proficiency in vehicle interdiction. Classes integrate illumination techniques, movement, communication & shooting, into decisive actions that save lives in and out of the vehicle. 

Method CQML

Close Quarter Marksmanship Lab(CQML) is a course designed to enhance the end users skill set regardless of experience level.  We will explore the manipulation and accuracy of their primary and secondary firearm in a CQB environment.  This course will be live fire and safety is our primary concern. We will take students through each evolution in a step by step, methodical process.  The CQML is led by Method Endeavors' Cadre of former Special Operations personnel.