Method x Blu Bearing Pistol Lab - FEB  17th - CORONA CA
Method x Blu Bearing Pistol Lab - FEB  17th - CORONA CA
Method x Blu Bearing Pistol Lab - FEB  17th - CORONA CA
Method x Blu Bearing Pistol Lab - FEB  17th - CORONA CA
Method x Blu Bearing Pistol Lab - FEB  17th - CORONA CA

Method x Blu Bearing Pistol Lab - FEB 17th - CORONA CA

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Method & Blu Bearing are coming together on the WEST COAST for an awesome collaboration and 3 day event in FEB 2024. You may attend 1 day or all 3 days, the choice is yours. Booking all 3 days will come w/ a discounted price.   There are only 22 spots per day,  so we recommend getting this scheduled as soon as you can.

   Day 1 is Pistol Lab Feb 17th. This course is designed to improve and reenforce the fundamentals of pistol mechanics and manipulation in defense of your life. 

It is structured to guide the beginner,  intermediate or advanced shooter how to move, shoot while moving, fight off the "X", and replicate stress to evaluate your technical pistol manipulation & decision making skills. We will establish a solid diagnostic to build each shooters ability and competency as they progress through the course.

Method & Blu Bearing will  build on fundamentals of gunfighting and push students forward in technical, intermediate scenarios & drills . We will cover manipulations, movement and the decision making process. You will navigate and problem solve with your equipment in and around barriers and obstacles with instructor guidance. This is a thinking, learning and drill heavy day, HYDRATE & STRETCH.(don't be intimidated if you're beginning or haven't shot in a while. Our teams will guide you step by step.)

We will include a refresher and demo on the fundamentals of marksmanship and a shooting standards diagnostic at the beginning & end of class. This information will help instructor staff tailor the pace and direction of the course to everyones current skillset.

Method & Blu Bearing Solutions Staff have had thousands of hours behind a gun, and we want everyone to build a solid foundation safely and effectively.
This is a no-nonsense, lifesaving course and should be taken seriously. If the instructors consider you unsafe or unfit for the course, you may be asked to leave at your expense. This is for your safety, and the safety of the class.

EQUIPMENT LIST: *** if you do not have any of these items, please add to the notes when booking and our staff will assist *** 
Eye protection
Ear protection
Pistol with a holster
2-5 magazines w/ mag carriers
350 rounds of ammunition MINIMUM                                                                               500-700 RECOMMENDED

9am - 5pm  


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Please bring drinks and snacks as well as a hat and sunscreen. ****WATER**** The weather is hot and you need to hydrate often. There is no dedicated lunch break though there will be time for snacks and breaks.

Training related questions, email:

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