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Method Endeavors

Method "Optio" Challenge Coin

Method "Optio" Challenge Coin

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Method Endeavors Official Coin.  Representative of our founding members, staff backgrounds and mission, this 2' coin is rooted in heritage and brotherhood within a team.  The front simply displays the Method Logo against a camouflage background.  The real story unfolds once turned over, to reveal the Method Crest surrounded in 4 corners with specific branch insignia.   The SEAL trident,  SF Crest, Ranger DUI and Marine Corps EGA surround our crest and showcase the units our staff served with during their time in the military. Above is our unofficial motto in gold that reads "Violence is Golden".  Below, in latin is our Official Motto of "Nos Creare Optiones",  which is our absolute mission and commitment.  Advanced training to better prepare our network of teams, students, family, friends etc...and solving complex problem sets for specific organizations and individuals around the world.    The Optio Coin

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